The World is in Trouble

Ecosystem degradation, species loss, pollution, water scarcity and the impacts of climate change threaten the inhabitants of planet Earth right now on a scale not previously recorded in human history. 


The critical balance of life is under threat by acceleration toward the Sixth Mass Extinction - the first mass extinction event to be brought on by human activity.

Industrial agriculture is one of the greatest contributors worldwide to climate change, pollution, water scarcity and the loss of biodiversity.  In our quest to feed the world, we have dumped millions of tons of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides onto the Earth in an attempt to overpower the patterns and processes of nature.

Deforestation proceeds on a massive scale - with 50% of the world's forests now lost - using practices which lead to intractable desertification, not to mention the loss of biodiversity, carbon sequestration and oxygen cycling.


Tilling the Earth, a practice ubiquitous within conventional agriculture, results in decreased soil health and soil erosion which threatens the farmland with depletion so severe that growing food upon it may soon be untenable.

We need to shift our practices, especially where growing food is concerned, or we are dooming ourselves and our children to a catastrophic future.

Why does the World Need this?

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Why is Blitz Energy Exchange needed?

Installing permaculture systems is hard work.  Often, major earthworks are required to dig swales, terrace slopes, or put in dams.  Sometimes heavy equipment is used for large-scale projects, but for many smaller-scale installations, this hard work must be done by hand.  There are many additional facets involved in building a forest garden or foodscape - moving soil and adding compost and amendments, planting trees and seeds, laying mulch, etc.  This can be incredibly daunting for one person or one family to take on by themselves.

Enter the PermaBlitz, a system akin to a "Work Bee" where many individuals arrive to complete a permaculture project in one day (weekend etc.).  It is absolutely incredible how much a group of people pulling together like this can accomplish in one day!  For the recipients / hosts of the PermaBlitz, it can feel like a miracle to see a project come together in such a powerful way.

However, in the past, it has been difficult to organize a system to manage PermaBlitzes.  The tradition is that participants are required to volunteer on two PermaBlitz events before they become eligible to host their own.  This system works for hyper-local groups with established social connections, but fails to reach people at the "edge" who don't have the same  connections or know where to begin to get involved.

Blitz Energy Exchange makes it easy to join the vast global permaculture network and find out about PermaBlitz activity happening in their local area, or even in areas they wish to travel to. 


Blitz will help organize the labour needed for each PermaBlitz, and enable the hosts to focus on planning the project rather than planning the event.

Blitz also hopes to become a hub or repository of free permaculture education resources - providing those who wish to learn a deep catalogue of information and videos on how to implement permaculture in their own lives.

Blitz provides an interface which can be used not only in local communities, but anywhere around the world to connect individuals with the people, communities, and permaculture projects that are working to regenerate the land and establish long-lasting food security.

Getting organized is key if we want to have a chance at tackling the major challenges that lay ahead for humanity.  Blitz Energy Exchange aims to connect permaculture enthusiasts everywhere, building community connections, sharing our knowledge, and getting these Earth-repair projects built, one PermaBlitz at a time!

If you would like to help Blitz get off the ground and into the lives of permaculturists everywhere, please consider a donation to help us build the software we need to help spread permaculture everywhere in the world!

How can Permaculture make a difference?


Permaculture is a design science which seeks to meet human habitation needs while preserving and restoring the health of the Earth's living systems. Read more about Permaculture here.


By observing the the cycles and patterns of nature and studying the wisdom contained within many indigenous culture's food growing practices, Permaculture has emerged with a set of principles and various design strategies that enable people to live not only sustainably on the land, but also to restore, repair and regenerate the damage that has already been done. 


Establishing food security is of paramount importance, and permaculture empowers people to implement food growing systems which are anti-fragile and resilient to environmental pressures.  Such systems are better able to withstand drought and prevent catastrophic flooding, they build rather than deplete the health of the soil, and they create perennial food systems which can feed their families and communities for decades and even generations to come.