What is Blitz Energy Exchange?

Bringing the Permaculture Community Together through PermaBlitz

Blitz Energy Exchange is a network which bridges the gap between those who want to learn about and experience Permaculture, and those who are ready to implement their Permaculture designs and are in need of labour support.

Blitz provides a network to facilitate the organization of PermaBlitz events, an established convention within Permaculture that is akin to a "Work Bee", where a number of volunteers come to a site at a specific time to install a garden, food forest, or green building project in alignment with Permaculture principles.

Blitz provides a hub for members to find out about upcoming PermaBlitz events in their area, and to sign up to participate.

Blitz also provides a hub for free permaculture education for anyone interested in learning the design science and practical skills involved in growing food and building human habitation in harmony and cooperation with nature.

Why is Blitz needed?

In the past, it has been difficult to organize Permablitzes, which rely on participants to volunteer on two PermaBlitz events before they become eligible to host their own.  This system works for hyper-local groups with established social connections, but fails to reach people at the "edge" who don't have the people connections or know where to start to get involved.

Blitz provides an interface which could be used around the globe to help individuals connect with the people, communities, and permaculture projects that are working to regenerate (and save) our world.


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