Status Update

Where are we at with this project right now?


Blitz is an idea in it's infancy.  Launching to the public on June 1, 2021, we hope to begin gathering a grassroots collection of members and collaborators to help build this idea from the ground up.  As more PermaBlitz Events and Designers come onboard, we hope to begin to spread the word further and wider. 


We are a solution that permaculturists everywhere have been waiting and hoping for, and we are so excited to see Blitz and the projects and connections it facilitates begin to grow and spread far and wide!




Blitz Energy Exchange is in the development phase right now - looking for a team to help build the Exchange alongside founder, Bridget Lacey.  We are currently looking for help in many areas to help get the Exchange off the ground in 2021, including project conceptualization, marketing, fundraising, web and app development and community champions.


 Please contact Bridget by email or via phone 587-435-0924 to set up a meeting.  This is the just the beginning of building something great!


If you can, please consider making a donation of any amount to help Blitz gain some momentum and build an interactive website and mobile app that will really help this idea reach it's full potential!

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