What is a Permablitz?

What is a Permablitz?

A PermaBlitz is a miraculous one-day transformation of land into an edible garden installation resulting from the efforts of a group of people performing a “work-bee” based on a permaculture design; sharing skills and knowledge and building the bonds of community.

According to Permaculture Melbourne, home of the founders of the Permablitz concept, a Permablitz is a gathering of at least two people who come together to create or add to edible gardens, share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living, build community, and have fun!

Permablitz events are free to attend, and typically include workshops on permaculture or sustainable living skills or technologies, as well providing an opportunity to build community over a shared meal provided by the host.


Who can come to a PermaBlitz?

People of all abilities are welcome to attend a PermaBlitz!  We want to encourage everyone, from first-time gardeners to seasoned “permies” to join in and contribute in whatever ways they can!

Based on the answers you give when you Sign Up for Blitz, we will try to match you to PermaBlitz opportunities that suit your abilities and interests.  At most Blitzes there is work to be done all across the Light-Duty -> Heavy-Duty spectrum… and you can even sign up for Kitchen-Duty if you would prefer to help feed the hungry participants! 

All volunteers will be given opportunities to participate in the free workshops that are offered, and to learn new skills related to permaculture and sustainable / regenerative living.  We want everyone to learn and love Permaculture, so all that is required of participants is a willing and helpful attitude! Come prepared to have a great time and meet some awesome people (and bring your own work gloves 😉).


Children at a PermaBlitz

On the Blitz Sign Up form, we ask if you are interested in bringing children to the event, understanding that they will be under your own care unless other arrangements are made with the host in advance.

Some children may want to get involved in a PermaBlitz in their own way, and this should be encouraged!  Involving children in gardening teaches them new skills and gives them confidence… it also creates the next generation of permaculture enthusiasts who will learn, design, teach and advocate for permaculture practices for decades to come!


What happens on the Day of a PermaBlitz?

Every PermaBlitz is bound to vary, but a typical day might look like this:

  • Arrive in the morning and be greeted by the Host with a cup of tea.

  • Once most people have arrived, gather in a circle to introduce everyone and discuss the design and work plan for the day. 

  • Do a light group yoga practice / some basic stretches to get everyone warmed up.

  • Launch into a variety of task which may include preparing garden beds using no-till methods, digging pathways and swales, planting fruit trees, planting perennial plants or seeds, sheet-mulching, implementing greywater systems, building compost, building cob structures, building passive solar greenhouses, and everything in between! (see What is Permaculture? for more ideas).  You will be shown what to do and will be working with others.

  • Participate in short workshops relating to your activities so you can learn new skills.

  • Lunch!  Mix and mingle and have a rest.

  • More work, workshops and socializing.

  • Wrap the day up and say farewell.

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Reciprocity is at the Root of PermaBlitz

A foundational component of PermaBlitz is the concept of reciprocity and strengthening of the sharing economy.  To be eligible to host a PermaBlitz of your own, you are expected to have attended / volunteered on at least two others first.  This is so you know what to expect at a PermaBlitz and have already learned some relevant skills, in addition to contributing to the network and building community. (Permaculture Calgary Guild, 2019)

With Blitz Energy Exchange, the use of "Jewels" - each denoting an hour of labour - are used to demonstrate that you have contributed sufficient energy to the system to be able to host your own Blitz.  In order to host a Blitz, you must first accumulate 15 Jewels.  Jewels may be donated to Members, Hosts, Designers, Teachers, or Events to be able to fulfill labor needs for those wishing to host their own projects; but it is strongly suggested that everyone who is seeking to host a Blitz has participated in at least one or two Events themselves.


PermaBlitz is underpinned by a Permaculture Design

To be defined as a PermaBlitz, each event must be underpinned by a permaculture design by someone with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) – the most basic permaculture qualification.” (Permablitz Melbourne)

Having a permaculture design as your starting point is crucial, as preparing a detailed plan prior to putting shovels in the ground is essential for success. 


Permaculture is a specialized form of design that takes into account a great deal of observation and consideration when placing elements to optimize water flows, build soil, and fortify the health of the overall ecosystem.


Visit the Permaculture Designers section to enlist the help of someone qualified to consult on the design of your project, and help you build the permaculture oasis of your dreams!

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How do I Host my own PermaBlitz?

Hosting a PermaBlitz takes quite a bit of work and preparation.  The process includes enlisting the services of a Permaculture Designer to help you come up with the design and plan, organizing the materials and supplies needed for the day, organizing an event facilitator (whether that is your Designer or someone else), pre-emptively addressing any safety concerns, and, of course, signing up with Blitz Energy Exchange to promote your event and get volunteers!

For more information on Hosting your own PermaBlitz, please click here.


PermaBlitz Networks

Networks for organizing Permablitzes are typically volunteer-driven and regionally-based.  Examples include organizations in Melbourne, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, London, New Zealand, Philadelphia and many others around the world!  

Blitz Energy Exchange is here to unite individuals and permaculture communities around the world in a shared PermaBlitz network that aims to get more people interested and engaged in permaculture, and which succeeds in getting many more PermaBlitz installations completed.  We are making an all-out effort toward improving food security, building community and repairing the Earth!


Blitz Energy Exchange is here to help facilitate more PermaBlitzes and introduce more people to Permaculture!

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