Permaculture Designers

In order to host a PermaBlitz, Event hosts are required to have a Permaculture Design and Plan constructed for this project - made by a Permaculture Designer.  These are people who have (at a minimum) completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDF) Program offered by an accredited permaculture teacher or body.

Listing your Design Services on Blitz Energy Exchange means that people in your area who want to host their own Blitz will be able to find your and your company or services easily.  

Register as a Permaculture Designer now for only $44 / year and take your permaculture consulting, teaching and design business to the next level! 

Permaculture Designers

Tell us  about yourself and your permaculture design and consulting business and we will build a profile page for you. 

People will be able to easily find you when looking for a Permaculture Designer to design their permaculture property and/or facilitate their PermaBlitz installation.

What aspects of Permaculture are you experienced in / comfortable in designing around or teaching? (please check all that apply)

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