How to Host a
PermaBlitz at your Property

How to Host a PermaBlitz at your Property

The process described here is a guideline to hosting a PermaBlitz using Blitz Energy Exchange.  We want to help you host a successful Event, and with the comprehensive guide that follows, you will know what to expect, how to prepare, and what is needed to follow through once the team of volunteers appears at your property!


Host Your PermaBlitz using Blitz Energy Exchange!


Become a Member

To begin the process to host a PermaBlitz using Blitz Energy Exchange, please register as a member first – it’s free!  This enables you to join the network and begin earning “Jewels” which will be used to recruit the volunteer support you need for your project.

Apply to Host your Event

Once you have joined as a member, you can Apply to Host your own Event.  Blitz charges just $40 to have your Event listed on our site and promoted through the network!  This will save you countless hours of organizing and promotion when you really want to be getting your land and design ready!


Who can Host a PermaBlitz?

A foundational component of PermaBlitz is the concept of reciprocity and strengthening of the sharing economy.  To be eligible to host a PermaBlitz of your own, you are expected to have attended / volunteered on at least two others first.  This is so you know what to expect at a PermaBlitz and have already learned some relevant skills, in addition to contributing to the network and building community. (Permaculture Calgary Guild, 2019)

Keep reading to find out how Blitz Energy Exchange is organizing this network around the concept of reciprocity and the sharing economy.


​Reciprocity using Jewels

With Blitz Energy Exchange, the units of energy exchange are called "Jewels" - each denoting an hour of labour.  Jewels are used to demonstrate that you have contributed sufficient energy to the network to be able to host your own PermaBlitz.  In order to host a PermaBlitz, you must first accumulate a minimum of 15 Jewels. 

The number of worker-hours you can ask Blitz Energy Exchange to help recruit volunteers for are balanced through Jewels you have earned.  So if you have earned 15 Jewels, you can “pay” two people 7.5 Jewels, or 3 people 5 Jewels etc. to come volunteer at your Event.  The more Jewels you earn, the more people you can “pay” Jewels to in return for their help.  This helps them host their own PermaBlitzes down the road!


The Sharing Economy

(i.e. What happens if I have my first 15 Jewels, but I need more labour help than that?)

Not everyone who volunteers to participate in a PermaBlitz is interested in hosting their own Event.  In that case, the Jewels they earn can be shared with other Members, Hosts, Designers, Teachers, or Events to be able to fulfill the labor needs of other projects.

HOWEVER, it is required that EVERYONE who is seeking to host a Blitz has participated in at least two Events themselves and earned their own first 15 Jewels. 

Additional Jewels can be raised by putting a message out on the Needs and Yields board in the Members area, or by asking for Jewel support from friends. 

If you are really in a pinch, please contact Blitz, and we will be happy to find you the support you need to complete your project.  Our objective is to help encourage successful PermaBlitzes, and the Energy Exchange of Jewels is simply the tool that helps establish reciprocity within the network. 


What are the responsibilities of the Host?

There is a good deal of preparation that is involved in Hosting a Blitz.  The following is a generalized summary of responsibilities, which we will explain in detail in further sections:


An Event Host should be ready to:

  • Work with a Permaculture Designer to make a design and plan for the installation

  • Ensure a Facilitator is lined up for the day of the Event (your Permaculture Designer or another person)

  • Prepare the site for the work that needs to be done

  • Gather the materials and tools needed to do the work

  • Ensure safety considerations have been addressed,

  • Provide food and beverages for the participants

  • Provide sanitation amenities (i.e. bathrooms and wash stations)

  • Follow up with Blitz by assigning Jewels to those that volunteered.


The host may be too busy on the day of the Event managing the needs of the volunteers and the flow of operations to do much of the installation work, but of course, they are welcome and encouraged to help wherever possible to ensure a successful day.


A PermaBlitz is based on a Permaculture Design

Permaculture is a design system which helps meet human needs while working in harmony with the ecosystem by observing and following the patterns of nature and applying traditional knowledge to modern applications. 

Permaculture is centred around an ethics system that cares for the Earth, people, and the future.  Permaculture is renowned for repairing damaged environments and bringing health and abundance to human and natural systems.  Permaculture practices provide an abundance of food, build the health of the soil, clean the water, provide habitat for many species, encourage diversity and build community.

It is a requirement of PermaBlitzes that they be founded on a design plan constructed by a Permaculture Designer who has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate, whether this is yourself or someone else.  Permaculture is a specialized field that has myriad benefits for people and the environment, and that is what we are here to practice and promote.  The installation of purely ornamental gardens or lawns is not the purpose of a PermaBlitz. 


A great deal of the effectiveness of a permaculture garden is due to the landscape’s ability to catch, retain, and release water in ways that nourish plant life while establishing and protecting accessways and structures.  Proper planning for these and other important factors is critical in order to prevent inadvertent damage and avoid costly mistakes.  As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

A permaculture designer can help you make a design plan that reflects your vision, values, needs and resources.  The plan that is developed will help you’re your vision into reality one your team arrives to help you build.  This is something that no PermaBlitz can be without.


Find a Permaculture Designer

Many people will need to enlist the services of a Permaculture Designer to help prepare their design and plan.  Designers who have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) - at a minimum - are well-versed in permaculture design principles, practices and ethics, and can help you plan the functioning food oasis of your dreams! 

Ideally you will choose someone from your local region that can visit your site to consult in-person.  Costs for these consultation services will vary.  Blitz features a Permaculture Designer Directory that list the contact information for designers and businesses from within the permaculture network that have services to offer those looking to host a PermaBlitz.  This is a great place to start when considering hosting a PermaBlitz of your own.