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Become a Blitz Mentor

Share your knowledge and earn Jewels toward hosting your own PermaBlitz!

We want to encourage permaculturists to teach and share the knowledge they have gained through study and experience in regenerative agriculture, permaculture, homesteading, green technology and related practices.

Sign up as a Blitz Mentor and have your permaculture videos, lessons and teaching materials posted in our Educational Resources section for free!

In return for posting your learning resources on Blitz you will receive Ten (10) Jewels in return for every hour of teaching materials you provide.  You retain the right to the materials, we simply host and post links to the materials for free on Blitz.

This feature is designed to spread permaculture knowledge far and wide, and help people learn the skills and practices that will help repair and regenerate the Earth.  

Returning tenfold Jewels to Mentors is our way of thanking permaculture teachers for the contributions they make by sharing their knowledge with the world!


If you are interested in becoming a Blitz Mentor and posting links to your educational resources, please contact via email and we will be in touch soon!