Apply to Host a PermaBlitz

Tell us  about yourself, your permaculture interests and experience, and what roll you would like to play in a PermaBlitz

Have you Joined as a Member of Blitz Energy Exchange yet?
Have you participated in at least two PermaBlitzes in the past?
Do you have a Permaculture Design made for your proposed PermaBlitz Event?
Do you have a facilitator lined up for your Permablitz?
Do you require support from Blitz Energy Exchange to help fina a Permaculture Designer or PermaBlitz Facilitator?
What aspects of Permaculture would you be interested in lincluding in your event? (please check all that apply)
What level(s) of work are you anticipating will be involved during your PermaBlitz? (please check all that apply)

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