How Does Blitz Work?

The unit of energy being exchanged within Blitz Energy Exchange is the "Jewel". 


Each Jewel is equivalent to one hour of energy / work. 


Jewels can be earned by Members who complete work experience through volunteering at PermaBlitz events, as well as by Mentors who provide free education / lessons / learning resource links through the Blitz platform.


Jewels can be saved up and used by either Mentors or Members to host PermaBlitz events in their own gardens, yards, farms or green spaces!

The accumulation of a minimum of 16 Jewels enables Blitz Members to then host their own PermaBlitz event (with a correlated 16 hours of labour from others).  More accumulated Jewels means more worker hours are available for recruitment through Blitz. 


You can also recruit your own workers outside of the Blitz system, but please encourage those folks to sign up and start accumulating their own Jewels!  If they don't want to use them, Jewels can also be "gifted" to Mentors, Members, Businesses or Events to help others turn their permaculture dreams into reality!

Blitz will advertise upcoming PermaBlitzes to our network of Members and through social media to help each event find adequate labour support.

The educational resources provided by Mentors will be awarded 10 Jewels for each hour of instruction provided.  In addition to original content or resource options such as handouts, this can include providing links to instructional videos already made by the Mentor and posted publicly (i.e. on YouTube). 


The purpose of including the educational component within Blitz is to provide barrier-free access to permaculture education; collected and compiled in one place.  We also want to honour those who teach by rewarding them with tenfold Jewels and sending people to check out the resources they already have online! 


Mentors can also put out a request for Jewels through our Needs and Yields Forum if they are planning a major project, and Members can donate Jewels to them!


The Process

Hipsters walking with tools.jpeg


Get matched to a role within a PermaBlitz that fits you interests, skills and abilities.


Not into hard labour like digging trenches or turning sod?  Simply select your level of duty (Light, Medium or Heavy) and the organizers of the event will know what sorts of tasks would be suitable for you. They can choose whether or not they have work for someone with those strengths


Every body is different, and Permaculture is a space that is inclusive of all levels of ability.   

Girl kneeling with carrots.jpeg


Crew doing gardening in low


What to do with all those Jewels you've earned?  Once you have accumulated a minimum of 16 Jewels, you can use them to host your own PermaBlitz!  Each Jewel is an hour of work Blitz will help you recruit for.


Don't have enough Jewels for the size of project you are looking to complete?  List your project on our Needs & Yields Forum and ask for Jewel donations for your event.    

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Check out the Educational Resources Section of Blitz Energy Exchange for a listing of all the teaching videos and resources Mentors have offered through Blitz. 


This resource is free and we only ask that if you have Jewels you arent going to use for yourself, consider gifting them on to your favorite Mentors.  Teachers deserve a lot of love!